Providing Labor and Equipment to Offshore Drilling Rigs

As a leading oil and gas company for over a decade, Tri-State Environmental truly understands the energy labor market. We provide labor and equipment, offshore drilling rigs, and drill ships in the Gulf of Mexico with over 15 years of experience.

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Judy Carter President & CEO-6381809.JPG_1680564431

Judy Carter

President & CEO
Scott Carter, Vice President & COO.JPG_1680564502

Scott Carter

Vice President & COO
Michael Guillot, CFO.JPG_1680564575

Michael Guillot

Ryan Gisclair, Administrative Manager.JPG_1680564915

Ryan Gisclair

Management Analyst & HSE Manager
Tiffany McGoey, Accounts Manager.JPG_1680564731

Tiffany McGoey

Accounts Manager
Louis Montague, Logistics Manager.JPG_1680564787

Louis Montague

Logistics Manager
TJ Cawthon, Shop Manager.JPG_1680564854

TJ Cawthon

Shop Manager
Kelsey Murphy, Shop Superintendent.JPG_1680564664

Kelsey Murphy

Shop Superintendent